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Marine Toys for Tots Program

We believe in the power of stories, the power of families and the power of possibility. There are no limits to where creativity and imagination can take us. In our stories we find the inspiration to envision a brighter tomorrow and the aspiration to make that dream come true. We inspire kids and families everywhere to join us in taking action and caring for the world we share. Together, we are creating a better tomorrow where the greatest stories have yet to be told.

We believe people make dreams come true. Wishing stars and pixie dust help, but it’s the people that step up and lead who really make the magic happen. Giving back to the communities where we work, live and play has been an essential part of The Walt Disney Company since day one.

Through contributions, collaborations with local organizations, in-kind gifts and sheer human effort, we are proud to help enrich the lives of kids and families. Disney provides happiness, hope and laughter to those who need it most. Through uplifting efforts, like granting children with life-threatening illnesses the opportunity to fulfill their wishes, we’re thrilled to make new dreams come true every day.

Disney VoluntEARS help bring positive, lasting change to local communities in countless ways. Our Heroes Work Here initiative is dedicated to hiring, training and supporting returning veterans. Disney Friends for Change has encouraged kids around the world to take 20-million individual actions to help people and the planet.

We believe that small individual actions can have a large collective impact that transforms communities.

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