The Marine Toys for Tots Holiday Recognition Program

In order to ensure delivery before Christmas, ALL orders for Holiday Card Inserts must be submitted before the close of business (5:00 PM EST) on 18 December 2017.

Program Information

Our Holiday Recognition Program is designed to provide donors with the opportunity to recognize ten or more clients, business associates, family members or friends during the holiday season. You can donate to the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation in lieu of giving holiday gifts to those special individuals in your life, and help provide Christmas joy to millions of children living in poverty in our country.

Holiday Card Inserts: These have been EXTREMELY" popular since they were first introduced, and we now have three different inserts to choose from. Our Holiday Card Inserts can be sent with your own corporate or personal holiday cards. The insert cards contain a standard preprinted message and will be sent directly to you for insertion in your own cards.

  • The cost of this service is a minimum donation of $6.00 per insert. $2.00 of the cost of each card will be a service cost to you for production, materials and postage; however, the remaining $4.00 per card will be considered a tax deductible contribution.

Holiday eCards: Marine Toys for Tots eCards are a great way to recognize someone during the holiday season. With many wonderful eCards to choose from and the ability to personalize the card message, eCards are a popular donation option each year. The cost of the service is $6.00 per eCard Recipient with the entire donation being a tax deductible contribution.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will TFT begin accepting orders for the 2017 Holiday Recognition Program?
    • We will begin accepting orders for this year’s program on 1 November 2017.
  • What is the latest date that orders can be submitted in order to ensure delivery before the holidays?
    • In order to ensure delivery before the holidays, we will need your order submitted before the close of business (5:00 PM ET) on 18 December 2017. That said, we will continue working on ALL orders placed after that date until the close of business on 22 December 2017, and will resume working on them when we return to work after the holidays.
  • For the Holiday Card Inserts, is there a minimum number that can be ordered?
    • The minimum number of inserts that can be ordered is ten (10). The inserts will be mailed directly to the donor for placement in their own holiday cards.
  • What are my payment options?
    • All orders must be paid by credit card during the ordering process.


Holiday Card Inserts

Funds Expenditure Did you know that Toys for Tots is a top rated charity?

97% of your donation goes to our mission of providing toys, books and other gifts to less fortunate children. The 3% spent on support principally covers fundraising expenses – not one donated dollar goes to pay for salaries or any other manpower costs.