Toys for Tots Provided Support to the Children of Afghanistan Refugee Families in the United States

The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation is more than a Christmastime charity—we strive to help less fortunate children whenever we can. That is why we provided toys, books, and other gifts to nearly 18,000 children of the Afghanistan refugee families who have been granted asylum here in the United States.  

As a country, we have many Afghan friends who were loyal to the United States and Coalition forces through two decades of war by serving in the Afghan security forces, or by working as translators, drivers, and in other capacities in which they assisted the United States and supported our mission. While other organizations worked to help the Afghan evacuees adjust to their new lives in America, Toys for Tots assisted their children by providing toys, books, and games that sent a message of hope to these displaced families.

These Afghan children were evacuated from their homeland where all they knew was conflict and violence, and have been adjusting to their new, safer lives here in the United States. They are understandably unsure of what the future may hold — but Toys for Tots provided them with some comfort, joy, and hope during those uncertain and scary times.

The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation is more than a Christmastime charity we stand ready to assist when children in our Nation are facing difficult situations—because our mission does not stop at Christmastime!

afghan toy distribution afghan toy distribution

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