Coordinator - Meera Beser, - Tahoe Vista, CA

We were in our final push to getting things counted and ready for our final distribution day. One late night at our warehouse I began to count toys and discovered some that were wrapped, so of course I had to unwrap them to make sure they were sorted by age and gender. The last box was wrapped in Thomas the train paper with a handwritten note on it saying: “Merry Christmas. Don’t worry be Happy”, and inside the box, swaddled in the finest paper towels, appeared a small stuffed bear with a five-dollar bill attached to it. I thought to myself that the money probably came from a child’s allowance and decided it would be best for a less fortunate child within their community. This, this spirit of Christmas, is why we work so hard to see all children have the gift of experiencing Christmas and having childhood memories to look back on. 

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