Toy Donations Continue to Bring Hope to Children in Need

As the pandemic continues, families are still facing hardships across the Nation, and many organizations are providing struggling families with food and necessities. Toys for Tots, with the help of Good360’s distribution network, wanted to remind children that there is still joy to be found in simple gifts every day, no matter how difficult things may be right now.

Fort Schuyler Presbyterian Church, located in the Bronx, recently received toy donations from Toys for Tots and were distributed through Good360. The Church was able to advance their long-standing mission of helping the community by distributing 955 toys to children in need.

This toy donation brought delight and hope to many families and children. A mother of a 5-year old son was overcome with emotion when she received a new toy truck because she had not been able to afford new toys for her son.

Another mother was thrilled when her daughters received a set of Legos, exclaiming “Thank you so much! The girls love Legos. We have not been able to buy any toys since this virus started.”

Fort SP Church2

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