The Mission Centers of Houston Makes Local Children Feel Extra Special

The Mission Centers of Houston, TX focuses on the eradication of the effects caused by multigenerational poverty and homelessness of individuals living in the inner city of Houston. Assistance is provided through food security, homeless assistance, age-graded educational and recreational programs, spiritual development, coordination of long-term disaster recovery services, and community development initiatives.  

Thanks to a toy donation from Toys for Tots, and with the help of Good360, the Mission Centers of Houston made children of local families feel extra special during a recent distribution. While their parents received groceries, the children were given a brand-new toy! Some children in the Kid’s Club program were even able to select a brand-new toy when the activity reopened at the beginning of the summer.  

One little girl felt like royalty with her pick! This 5-year-old girl received a princess jewelry kit, and she could not wait to dress in her new accessories. In an email sent to the Mission Centers of Houston, the little girl’s mom mentioned how excited her daughter was and the little girl said, “look mommy, I am a princess!”

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