Drive-through Pantry Surprises Kids with New Toys

The Salvation Army Santa Barbara Corps has been a lifeline for families during the COVID-19 crisis. On average, the Salvation Army’s drive-through pantry serves 150 families 5 days a week, and more than 90 percent of the individuals being helped during the pandemic have never been in contact with the Santa Barbara Salvation Army until now. Thanks to a donation from Toys for Tots, the kids of the families that were assisted received a special gift as well – a brand-new toy!

One little boy in particular had a very special birthday thanks to this donation. He has been a regular presence at the pantry with schools and activities closed, and his aunt working long hours and struggling to make ends meet financially.  His birthday was in May and the Salvation Army Santa Barbara Corps was able to provide brand-new toys for the occasion – thanks to everything Toys for Tots provided!

“Seeing the kids light up when you hand them a toy is amazing," said Major Jessyca Carr of The Salvation Army Santa Barbara Corps. “Being cooped up at home or in a car, not being able to play with friends is wearing on many of them. A nice toy has brightened their day and possibly week.”

Drive Through Pantry

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