Toys for Tots, Good360, and the Christian Appalachian Project Bring Hope to Families in Clay County, KY.

On June 10th, Christian Appalachian Project (CAP) continued their distribution of toys that were provided by Toys for Tots, as well as water and food in Clay County, KY. The event was a success due to the distribution assistance by members of several local service organizations—who all volunteered their time to support less fortunate families. In total, 2,988 toys were distributed to 1,055 children!

The event started at 10am and continued well past 2pm due to the long line of cars that come to receive assistance. There was even one family who did not have a car that walked to the event. The group effort by Toys for Tots, Good360, CAP, and local organizations allowed the residents and children of Clay County to receive these much needed and appreciated gifts.

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