Board of Directors and Key Foundation Staff Members

Chairman of the Board
Robert M. Shea
Lieutenant General, USMC (Ret)
President & CEO
AFCEA International
Chairman – Executive Committee

Vice Chairman of the Board
Cornell A. Wilson, Jr.
Major General, USMCR (Ret)
Independent Consultant
Chairman – Nominating Committee
Member – Fundraising Advisory & Investment Committees

President and CEO
Henry P. Osman
Lieutenant General, USMC (Ret)
Marine Toys for Tots Foundation
Member – Executive & Nominating Committees

Mark A. Haden
Investor Relations Officer
Bunge Limited
Member – Investment, Nominating Committees

Robert E. Milstead, Jr.
LtGen, USMC (Ret)
Managing Partner
REM Strategies, LLC
Wilmington, NC

W. Tim Davis
The UPS Store, Inc.
Member – Investment Committee and Finance & Compensation Committees

Burke W. Whitman
Major General, USMCR
United States Marine Corps
Chairman – Investment Committee
Member-Audit & Executive Committees

LtCol Valerie Jackson, USMCR
Praesidium Consulting, LLC.
Corps Solutions, National Center for Dispute Resolution (NCDS)

Ralph A. Dengler
Venable LLP
Member – Audit, Finance and Compensation Committees

Houston Mills, Jr.
Director of Airline Safety
Member – Audit, Finance and Compensation, Fundraising Advisory Committees

Terry Gardner
Senior Managing Director
Cyrus J. Lawrence, LLC
Member – Audit, Investment Committees

Steven C. Ohmstede
Director of Aviation
Richardson Aviation
Member – Nominating, Audit and Fundraising Advisory Committees

Sheryl Murray
Colonel, USMC (Ret)
Senior Excecutive Service (Ret)
Independent Consultant
Member - Nominating and Investment Committees

Key Foundation Staff Members

Pete Osman
LtGen, USMC (Ret)
President and CEO
Marine Toys for Tots Foundation

Ted Silvester
Colonel, USMC (Ret)
VP, Marketing & Development 
Marine Toys for Tots Foundation

David Cooper, PMP
Lieutenant Colonel, USMC (Ret)
VP, Operations
Marine Toys for Tots Foundation

Kelley J. Hardison
Deputy VP, Marketing & Development 
Marine Toys for Tots Foundation