Holiday Program

Thanks to our generous donors, Corporate Sponsors, Coordinators, and volunteers, 2022 was a record-breaking year for our Holiday Program! We were astounded by the support provided by our supporters that helped us not only accomplish the mission, but greatly exceed ALL expectations. Toys for Tots distributed an unprecedented 24.4 million toys, books, and games to 9.9 million children in need. We are grateful for everyone who brought hope and joy to children in need in 2022!

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Year-Round Outreach

Toys for Tots is primarily known as a Christmastime charity, but did you know Toys for Tots has expanded our outreach to support children and families in need throughout the year? We provide emotional support and assistance to economically disadvantaged children through our year-round programs. Learn more below.

Foster Care Initiative

Marine Toys for Tots wants to give Foster Care children not only something tangible to take with them as they move, but also some tools and hope for a brighter tomorrow.

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The Toys for Tots Native American Program

Since 1980, the Marine Toys for Tots Native American Program has grown to benefit over 220,000 Native American children annually providing toys and books to participating Reservations.

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Youth Ambassador

The Youth Ambassador Program spotlights “children helping children” – those that have gone above and beyond in their communities to help children in need, while also engaging community members on behalf of Toys for Tots.

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The Toys for Tots Literacy Program

Literacy forms the foundation of communication and impacts many areas of a child’s life such as learning, interacting with others, and their ability to work later in life. Help us deliver age appropriate books to children in need to help break the cycle of poverty.

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