Hope and Gifts Provided to Children in Arizona

On February 10th, Arizona Hygiene for Hope hosted a special toy distribution event that distributed 2,000 gifts to local disadvantaged children. This event was conducted in partnership with members of the National Football League Alumni Association, the Phoenix Federal Bureau of Investigation Field Office, the Phoenix, Arizona Police Department, and a local Target!

Children attending Capitol Elementary School were surprised with toys, books, and other gifts—provided by the Marine Toys for Tots Program—and led through the event by their teachers and school administrators by grade level. Every child was ecstatic to be receiving the gifts and left with smiles on their faces—and hope in their hearts!

The remaining toys and books were provided to Native American children living on the Hopei Indian Reservation and attending a local Native American school. 

The distribution event was made possible by the efforts of local organizations and volunteers from state and local agencies as well as local elected officials and civic organizations. Marines from the 6th ESB, Bulk Fuel Company, USMCR also took time away from their duties to support the distribution.

Marine Toys for Tots is grateful for with the support from the NFL Alumni Association, Arizona Hygiene for Hope, and all local organizations to provide emotional comfort beyond the holiday season. Today’s children are tomorrow’s future, and the Program is dedicated to ensuring it’s as bright as possible for children living in challenging circumstances—whenever hope and joy are needed most.

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