Marine Toys for Tots Continues to DoGoodNow in Phoenix, AZ

On Saturday September 24th, 2022, the H.E.M.P Legacy Foundation, an organization that serves the homeless, low-income at-risk youth, and struggling families held a four-hour giveaway event in Phoenix, Arizona that distributed toys, books, and other gifts—provided by Marine Toys for Tots—to children in need in that area.

This was a two-part event that allowed for the toys and books to be distributed to as many children in need as possible. During the first half of the event, children of impoverished families in local communities across the Phoenix area came to the event to receive books and toys. The second half of the event allowed for organizations to come pick up large boxes of toys and books to be distributed in nearby local communities.  

Local organizations such as the Phoenix Police Department, school administrators, and the Air National Guard HQ all helped identify underprivileged families around the community, and over 803 individual children received joy and hope through the gift of new toys and books!

During the second half of the event, the H.E.M.P Legacy Foundation provided nearly 3,000 toys to multiple local non-profit organizations serving the Phoenix community at large. The mission of this event was to distribute messages of hope to these families by providing gifts and access to age-appropriate books to their children to ensure they do not fall behind in school due to the constraints associated with growing up in poverty.

This was an incredible distribution event and reminded the communities around the Phoenix area that Marine Toys for Tots stands ready to assist when families and children needed hope the most!

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