Children in Cleveland See Hope Through the Gift of a New Toy.

Marine Toys for Tots is more than a Christmastime charity – we support children in need no matter the time of year. As the months tick closer to our Giving Season, our summertime distributions are winding down – but so many economically disadvantaged children have received a summer of smiles thanks to our partnerships with local organizations across the Nation!

Recently, 40 children living in Cleveland, OH received hope and brand-new toys – provided by Toys for Tots – through local nonprofit, Northern Ohio Recovery Association (NORA). NORA is a nonprofit that assists those overcoming substance use disorders and mental illness.

NORA held a toy distribution event for the families they serve, providing toys to 40 children. The ability to provide hope and toys to children in need brings countless hours of joy and may also help the parent to become more engaged in their own treatment, which benefits the parent, the child, the entire family, and the community.

Toys for Tots is committed to turning the page on poverty one gift at a time.

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