Girls Growing 2 Women, Inc.

Marine Toys for Tots, the Nation’s premier children’s Christmastime charity, has expanded its efforts to be a year-round force for good – providing hope and emotional comfort to children whenever it is needed most.

For the fourth year, Toys for Tots has joined forces with nonprofit partner, Good360, to distribute toys, books, and other gifts through their network of nonprofit organizations to economically disadvantaged children throughout the spring and summer months.

Girls Growing 2 Women, Inc. (GG2W), a nonprofit in the greater Grand Rapids area, works to provide the building blocks for empowering and educating young women. This organization forms a positive, tightly knit supportive sisterhood that encourages participants over their high-school years to think independently and become leaders in their communities.

GG2W recently received hundreds of toys and games, provided by Toys for Tots, that were distributed to 129 local disadvantaged children. The distributed gifts sparked joy in their hearts and gave them a reason to believe in a brighter tomorrow!

“We were able to get all of our members involved as we gave back to the community. Our young women expressed the warmth they felt seeing the smiles on the faces of the youth as they walked away with new toys,” said Latacha Robertson-Crump of GG2W. “Parents also gave feedback that they enjoyed the wide selection of toys their children got to choose from. We at GG2W love to give back to the community and we thank you for allowing us to partner with you!”

Needs aren’t seasonal – and neither is Toys for Tots.

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