I Remember, I Remember!

Through the gifts donated to Toys for Tots by our amazing supporters, there are so many children who will grow up to remember that special Christmas morning! We received this story from Patti Francoeur, who received a gift from Toys for Tots when she was a young girl.

I Remember, I Remember!

I was seven or eight years old that Christmas. I remember my best friend telling me about Santa. This magical St. Nick who would bring toys to “all” the good girls and boys everywhere. She told me how she made a list of the toys she wanted Santa to bring her.

I remember, I remember rushing home to tell my mother about this “Santa”. If I make a list for “Santa” like Holly did, he will bring me toys too? 

“NO, there is no Santa!” Patricia, my mother announced. “Yes, mommy, Holly told me he brings her toys every Christmas. I just need to make a list!” 

“Again, NO, I TOLD YOU. Holly’s parents buy those toys, not Santa! We don’t have money to buy you toys, so stop it.”

I walked out of the kitchen, down the hall to the room I shared with my brother and sister and cried. 

I knew if Holly was telling the truth, and I didn’t make a list, Santa would not bring me a toy. If my mom was telling the truth, then I wasn’t getting any toys for Christmas. If Santa is real and I had to be good, I wasn’t getting any toy for sure. 

In school I didn’t want to color the picture of “Santa” my teacher placed on my desk. The only thing I knew for sure, I wasn’t getting a baby doll ever. 

Christmas morning … there was a toy for my brother, my sister and ME!

I learned some time later, someone had given our names to an organization called, “Toys for Tots.” That Christmas all I really knew was I was a good girl because I got a baby doll.

On behalf of all the “good” little boys and girls everywhere, thank you. 

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