Marine Toys for Tots Brings Joy to California Community

Giving Children Hope (GCH) is a Good360 nonprofit partner that provides resources to assist people living in Buena Park, California. During a recent community event in October, GCH distributed toys, provided by Marine Toys for Tots, to more than 1,800 children in need of all ages! The children in Buena Park received assorted games, toy cars, dolls, arts and crafts, and messages of hope!

Paul Geisert, Warehouse Manager at Giving Children Hope, explains what this distribution event meant to his community. “We want families to feel confident that they are cared for by members of their neighborhood,” said Paul. “All children should have access to quality toys regardless of the circumstances, and we’re ecstatic that we were able to bridge that gap. Thank you to Toys for Tots and Good360 for helping us continue to aid our community.”

Parents were also overwhelmed with excitement and described how the toys impacted their families. “It has put a smile on my children’s faces,” said one parent.

“Receiving these toys are helpful when families are struggling and can’t afford to get them gifts on special occasions.” Another parent said, “These donations will help my kids feel normal during the upcoming holiday season. I’m a single mom, so we don’t usually have extra money to buy toys.”

Thanks to the gifts provided by Toys for Tots, Buena Park families can enjoy quality time playing, reading and creating with the items they received. This distribution event is just one more example that Toys for Tots stands ready to assist families and children when they need joy and hope the most.

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