Local Campaign Coverage

Serving as a Toys for Tots Coordinator in your Local Community

Thank you for your desire to become a Local Community Organization (LCO) Marine Toys for Tots Campaign Coordinator. We commend you for your wanting to help our Nation’s most precious resource, our children.

The Marine Toys for Tots Program is an official activity of the United States Marine Corps. As such, each of our local campaign coordinators is expected to execute their campaigns to the highest standards of the Marine Corps.

If you are interested in becoming an LCO Campaign Coordinator, we ask that you review the details of our Program and the expectations of the local campaign coordinators.

We also ask that you reflect on the fiduciary responsibility between a coordinator and the Foundation. There is a tremendous amount of trust, especially dealing with toy and money donations, that is placed on a coordinator which he/she is solely responsible for. Finally, understand that being a coordinator is an extremely fulfilling and rewarding experience, but it will be time consuming during the campaign season. Please factor that in as you complete the application.

The below dropdown menu allows you to see which counties/municipalities in your state that have a campaign already (covered) and those counties/municipalities that do not have a campaign (not covered). Please apply for an area that is not covered. If your local community has a campaign already, please think about volunteering by going to that local campaign website.

Again, thank you for wanting to support your local community by becoming a Marine Toys for Tots Program Campaign Coordinator. Your support will ensure we reach our goal to help bring the joy of Christmas and send a message of hope to America’s less fortunate children.