New Toys and Games Make Fridays Much More Fun!

United Way of the Mid-Willamette Valley (UWMWV) is a Good360 non-profit partner located in Salem, Oregon, that recently distributed over 30,000 toys and games to local children in need.  These gifts were provided by the Marine Toys for Tots Program as part of their DoGoodNow initiative. Throughout the summer months, UWMWV worked with multiple local nonprofit agencies to disperse the toys across the state of Oregon to assist less fortunate families.

The toys, books, and games given to over 330 children at the “Fun Friday” events in July provided comfort and joy to families facing challenges.  Many parents expressed their gratitude for the new items their children received.

“This is incredible,” said David Neal, a parent attending Fun Friday. “We came to Fun Friday knowing there was a lot to see and activities to do, but never expected that high-quality, name-brand toys would be available to us at no cost. This donation made my kids’ day. Thank you!”

The contribution made by Toys for Tots helped bring families together in a fun and enjoyable way and the impact made will be remembered for a lifetime.

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